The Bad Guys. Episode 2 - Mission Unpluckable

The Bad Guys are back with a daring plan to rescue 10,000 chickens from a high-security cage farm! But how do you rescue chickens when one of you is known as The Chicken Swallower?

Join The Bad Guys as they return for more dodgy good deeds with a new member of the team. And watch out for the super villain who might just be the end of them! Good deeds. Whether you like it or not..


Excruciatingly funny... will have kids rolling in the aisles
Clever, witty and original
Reading Time
Sheer joy.
Magpies Magazine
Creative Kids Tales
I love the way this series plays with perceptions of good guys and bad guys. Entertaining for everyone from seven years up
Buzzwords Book Reviews
Fun from start to finish
Bronas Books